This is my favorite food! #yum #sushi :9

This is my favorite food! #yum #sushi :9

Nothing clears up a case so much as stating it to another person.
Sherlock Holmes (Silver Blaze)

Kebodohan berbentuk seperti asap, uap air, kabut. Dan ia beracun. Ia berasal dari sebuah tempat yang namanya tak pernah dikenal manusia.
Laskar Pelangi (Edisi Hardcover) halaman 99

Introduce Myself!

I’m still newbie at this tumblr, so let me introduce myself first.

Hello everyone!

My name’s Nayra. I’m 12 years old, because my birthday is September 2nd 2002. I’m an Indonesian, and I live in Indonesia. I live with my family, wich consist of 5 people. I’m the second children in my family, and I have 1 elder sister and 1 younger sister. I was a student in a school named SMPN 8. There, I learned in class 7.2, wich is also called Divertimo. I like some sports, such as swimming, cycling, and badminton. But still, the score of my PE is bad >.< . My hobbies are drawing, reading manga and novels, singing, and watching TV. In the past, me and my sisters owned 3 rabbits. However, they are gone already. One of them died of disease, and others died eaten by ferrets. It’s a sad story isn’t it? But, that’s okay. I accept it. God must have a plan, right? So, I accepted the fact that they are dead and … I don’t have a pet anymore T_T .

If you want to contact me, just contact my Twitter account (@nayraasya) or send me an email to

Well, it looks like that’s all I can say to introduce myself, so …

Thank you for reading my introduction! See you again!